Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Find Out How You Can Win Tickets To Blissdom

Judging by all of the entries, you've probably heard about this contest. Maybe it got past you. Well if you're like me, you want to get out to somebody's blogging conference and connect with other bloggers and brands. And though i've never been to anyone's blogging conference, the way I hear about this one i'm thinking it's one that I REALLY want to be at to make those connections. Well, One2One is giving away passes to Blissdom....and not just [full conference] passes, but airfare and lodging will be included! How exciting is that? Exciting enough for you to enter? Well you can, and all you have to do is get over to the One2One site and complete the so-simple-a-caveman-could-do-it entries which include sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Blogging! Good luck to you. Good luck to me.