Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mission: Potty Training. Day 1 #Fail

circa 1950:  A one year old learns to use the lavatory with her own special toilet seat.  (Photo by Lloyd Yearwood/Three Lions/Getty Images)

My youngest child is two years old, and i've put things off for entirely too long. He's shown interest in going to the toilet. I've given him the beta tests, letting him sit on the potty to see if he could produce any results. He was successful on a few occasions, but I didn't push the issue.

 From reading and past experience, showing interest is just one of the many signs that you can look for. Other signs are being able to keep a dry diaper, I think it's for a couple of hours or through a nap (check), and also able to remove his own diaper (check). I mean it's so bad that on about two occasions he knew that he had to poop in his diaper and he'd get a diaper ready for me to change him.

I decided yesterday that I might as well dive in feet first. I'd put it off because I just wasn't ready for the accidents, and training my previous son proved to be a lengthy process, but mostly it was the trying-to-get-through-the-night-without-wetting-the-bed accidents. Offering a reward with the help of a reward chart definitely got him motivated and he's been doing about 95% better since.

Ok, back to the 2 year old. I decided I was going to put these awesome little boy shorts on him and keep his potty in plain view. I had him sit on it for a little while and when pushing yielded no results, I let him get up (sitting on the potty too long just seems too near torture).

 He did end up peeing on himself. So much for trying to persuade him not to mess up his neat little boy shorts. So, I decided i'd let him wonder around a little bit diaper-less. Sometimes if they don't feel the diaper down there they'll know something is not right and won't just let it go. Worked in the past, somewhat, but not this time. "He boo-booed by the door like the dog!" says my eight year old. 

Before I thought about it he'd wondered away up to our bedroom. Not long after "Mom you need to come up here!" my daughter is yelling. You would have thought someone had gotten hurt pretty badly, but she wanted to inform me that he'd peed on our bed. 

So there you have it. This is how the first day of officially potty training Bubby went for us.