Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting My Kids to eat Fruits and Veggies

Fortunately my kids like their fruits and vegetables. I can't say, though, that that has always been the case.

I remember when my oldest didn't like broccoli. I just knew that would be a losing battle, because his dad didn't like vegetables at the time either. That was until we'd bought Chinese food and the broccoli was covered in a type of gravy. *Lightbulb* I could disguise the taste and he'd love it.

Salad loving came naturally for him. He likes it because the different variations of dressing just make it so yummy to him. I think that the siblings who followed saw that he enjoyed them and just followed suit, so yeah that thing about complaining about what you like and don't like apparently does rub off.

I also like to buy 100% fruit juices to ensure they're getting more fruits in their diets. My husband just recently bought one of those fancy juicers so that we can juice our own fruits and vegetables. That way less nutrients are lost because it's fresher.

I like to mix different fruit into their yogurt and make fruit salad with whipped cream for desert on occasion. This also helps. For vegetables, I have to stick with the salad route. It's a versatile dish into which you can add many vegetables, just dice to make sure they're bite size and top with dressing.

Think spaghetti. A lot of kids like spaghetti. There's a vegetable blend variation sauce where you can get your kids to eat more of the stuff that's good for them. Try using it to make your own pizza as well.

By the way i'd like to add that even the persistence as far as my hubby has paid off. As long as I don't add to many veggies in one setting, he'll eat them. Don't give up.

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