Friday, September 18, 2009

Like to Give and Recieve? Get this widget.....

Have you noticed the widget to your right? Well this is a widget I created on Tinker that I hope will be an invaluable asset to all bloggers. Of course you don't have to have yours as long as mine. It's customizable.

I set this widget up to make it easy for us in the blogosphere to share what's going on at each of our sites. To make your updates visible to other widget users, just use #widgetfeed in your tweets. You can also get the code here to make the widget available on your site. Having the widget embedded on your site makes it easy to send out tweets also. You can sign right in and send a tweet all from the comfort of your blog.

I also think this would be great for sharing hot deals that you may know of, breaking news and just any info you think would be useful or relevant to fellow bloggers. Because it is tied to twitter, you are restricted to 140 characters. Please feel free to share this with any and everyone so that we bloggers can keep up with each other.