Friday, September 25, 2009

Stop Taking My Husband

Lastnight was another one of those nights. My husband, in the hospital, being monitored for a health condition. I didn't post about the time before that he was in. He had to stay in for around 4 days, again in the ICU because he'd gone into atrial fibrillation yet again. I'm so thankful to God that he was able to get back into a normal rhythm on his own without the assistance of the doctors having to shock his heart back to normal, but I was still a nervous wreck while I waited for things to regulate again. I just hate when he's away.

You see, i'm a middle child. And i'm sure you know how that goes, you get kind of left out from time to time. On top of that, i'm one of eight children. My husband used to want to know what was up with all the clinginess. He's the youngest of two children and wasn't used to having someone cling to him like I do. I put it to him like this-- "I'm used to being surrounded by people. Now that i'm married I don't have anyone else around who can relate to me." In the eight years that we've been married, he's become my best earthly friend. I know it probably gets on his nerves sometimes, because I want to talk to him like many women would talk to their girlfriends.

So I just hate it when he's away. I wish they could cure whatever goes wrong at the times that it does so he can be at home with me and with our children. Life is too short for me to lose time away from my honey. He spends enough time at work.