Thursday, April 9, 2009

He was kidding right?

Talked to my honey earlier. He'd seen the cardiologist and was supposed to be coming home today, but the cardiologist somehow forgot to sign the paperwork to release him, so he's been forced to stay, yet another day. He asked me if I was going to watch Chef Ramsey tonight. Made me tear up a little :( . We had started watching the show together. He said he'd watch it there while I watch it here and we'd be watching it together, but there's nothing like having someone to crack up with.

I had to get maintenance over to clear up our drain today. Oh- My- Goodness, I don't know what was in the drain that had it oh so plugged, but the poor guy had to leave twice to get more equipment to get it done. He even brought another guy to help him out. Thank God it's done though. I was beginning to think i'd end up waiting yet another day.

The kids slept with me lastnight. Something they do when dad is away for whatever reason. After lastnight, though, I think I need my bed to myself (and the baby). I had feet on me. I'd forgotten to put the heater back on, which didn't click until i'd gotten to the point of to lazy to get back up for it. My second to youngest son was on top of the cover, and me, so I had to pull really hard to get enough to cover myself and the baby so that we could stay warm.

Overall though, i'm trying to keep my cool. I want to go out on a limb and say he'll be home tomorrow for sure, but i'm almost now scared to get my hopes up. I can't forsee any reason for him to have to stay there any longer.