Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the Hospital again

I'm here on somewhat of a low note again. My honey is in the hospital. Again. He'd been complaining of his heart fluttering and what not. Sometimes beating really hard and then back normal. This had been going on for at least a week, so lastnight I finally got him to get to the hospital. They decided to keep him overnight. I thought maybe they would send him home with a monitor, but I guess that since he has a history of a-fib, they decided to keep him and monitor him.

They've started him on those shots he has to get in his tummy. I guess he'll be self-administering again and they're also putting him back on coumadin. I really thought and hoped those days were long gone. (The kids and I are really missing you Daddy. We're thinking of you and we love you and look forward to your return real soon.)

Upon speaking to him earlier today, he hadn't had any episodes of his heart bothering for the time that he's been hospitalized so far. He's scheduled to talk with a cardiologist, hopefully tomorrow; hopefully in the morning, early so he can come back home to us.

I mean, the kids are always with me, but it just seems like things are so much harder when he's not here, though I know that that's not the case, it's just that his absence depresses me and every other little thing is magnified as annoyance.

I am glad that he's doing well though. I thought he was going to call again this evening, but he did say that he was tired, and after all this time, I assume he must be sleeping. Well, we'll just wait and hope he'll be here (in the morning).