Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Hello Hello. Yup I meant to say it twice. This year has started in a whirlwind. My husband's check was cut way short along with another personal problem that we had due to me forgetting to call and schedule that very important appointment and our van won't start because it's apparently too cold and our battery is too weak. I didn't even make it to church for our praise in the new year service because the van refused to start. I decided that this year I wanted to not sweat things; not let things going wrong get the best of me and I was tested. I cried a little because of just so much at once. My babies need diapers, we need to go grocery shopping, we still want to be able to move up north to be near family. But hey, I don't want to be a big complainer. I want to remember to thank God that though our van may not be acting right right now, I have a husband who wants to look out for his family and will brave the Illinois winter to make sure his family is fed. We may not be able to eat just what we want to all the time, but we can eat something to sustain our lives; even if we run out of food, the Shepherd's closet and the salvation army are both in walking distance and they'll give generously to make sure my family has food to eat. I'm not one to reach out to people to ask for help doing this and that or a ride here or there, but there are certainly people in my life who are more than willing and will happily reach back out to me if I called them up even though they may be struggling. I just want to remember to be thankful for what I do have.

On another note I was so happy to be able to catch up with an old schoolmate. We connected through Facebook and shared some old memories. I really appreciate these social networking sites. I've been on a quest to find old classmates. I remember a few years back one guy who was in my class telling me that a lot of our fellow classmates were dead . Sad and I hope he was just mistaken, because my generation is just entering our 30's good. I'm hoping they're living well and enjoying life. If only I could remember more last names or even somehow find out the new ones of the women who are undoubtedly now married. Well I guess here's enough chit-chat for a night. I need to complete another quest to find an inexpensive digital camera so I can save some memories.