Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ran into a classmate (sorta)

I really do (again) appreciate these social networking sites. I believe I found this classmate via the classmate search on Facebook. To catch you up briefly, I found her and see according to her profile pic that she's expecting and congratulate her. Here's most of our communication so far:

Hi! It's been FOREVER! thanks so much on the congrats...five and a half weeks to go! Fill me in on life over the last...many years! hahaha.

December 31 at 7:44pm
Wow I bet you're ready to get that over with so you can have your body back and meet your new little one. Exciting!
I just posted a pic of all of us. We're living in Southern Illinois. After Forrestal I went to South school and then to St Joe's in Kenosha and then I was homeschooled for 10-11 grades and graduated from Zion Christian School.
I worked for a while and met my hubby while working at the NEX Great Lakes Naval Base in '99 he got sent away to sunny Cali and we got married in '01. We stayed in Cali until he was discharged from the Navy and that's everything in a walnut shell and well here we are.
I've been wondering where everyone I grew up with is in life and what everyone is up to. Unfortunately for me I haven't been able to remember a lot of last names. Some of them are slowly starting to come back though.
Well it's nice being in touch with you and I wish you the best with your new and precious little one.

Today at 10:48am
Yes, I am getting to the point where I want this little girl out! I'm not sure if I'm really ready to have the little person around (ready or not here she comes)...but I am so ready to be comfortable in my own body again! Seeing that you have four gives me comfort that I'll forget this after a while and want another! hahahaha.

That's right, you didn't got on to Neal Elementary with's been so long ago, I don't remember a lot from back then. Do you remember Dallas Jones? That girl has a memory!! My family ended up leaving Illinois after Freshman year at NCHS and we moved to Washington State. My ex-step dad retired at the start of my junior year, in 1993, and we moved out here to Montana where we've been ever since. I graduated from a SMALL high school and went to the U of Montana here in Missoula. Graduated in 99-00 and worked at the U for four years before having a "mid life crisis" at 26 :), selling everything that wouldn't fit in my car, and moving to the Seattle area to start over. I met my husband where I worked in Bellevue, WA and we were married a year and a half later, in 2005. We got tired to the rush and crowding of the Seattle area and moved back to Missoula in early 2006. Our plan is to stay in this area to raise babies, but you never know what life can throw at you! So that's my last almost 20 years in a breath or two :) 20 years?! Good grief I'm old! hahaha. :)

I agree, it's fun to see what "kids" from our past have been up to...some of these sites are really cool for that. Although there are some people I don't really want to hear from! hahaha. I guess that's the benefit of "accept" or "not accept", eh?

So, how old are your children? You've been married seven years, that's awesome! What do you do now? I'm working for one of our local hosptials and my husband is a land surveyor. Aside from work, we're just preparing for our little one...are you ever really prepared?! hahaha.

It's great to hear from you and catch up a bit! Hope to hear more from you.

Take care

Today at 4:32pm
I don't remember a Dallas at all. On kids, yup you'll probably want more. It's definitely a learning process. You think you have parenting figured out when you decide you're ready and they get here and take you on a totally different route than you'd planned and you have to recalculate your life and it gets kinda confusing sometimes, but then there's the times when you're watching a movie together and they sit under you, or you take them to a park or zoo or get them a new toy no matter how small and they just light up and it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you've made them happy. Or maybe it'll be the random hug and I love you mommy that'll get to you. You wouldn't trade these feelings for the world.

Alright I took that way far, but that's what happens. Mine are, The oldest son (definitely mama's boy) is 6. He was my only company when my husband had to be at work in the earlier years in the navy so I think that has made him who he is. Then the daughter the drama queen (which by the way i'm finding out that 's how a lot of little girls are) is 4, the son holding Mickey is 2 and by the way he's the boss and the baby is 10 months and he's preparing to take the boss' place.

For right now i'm a stay at home mommy. I'm homeschooling my oldest two, but I don't plan to homeschool them forever, but it's just so scary when you hear about everything going on in schools these days. I know that one day I have to let them try out their wings.

I sometimes kinda wish my dad was a bit more adventurous so that I wouldn't feel like I have to be in Illinois. I feel like I want to leave, but I don't know where i'd go, though I definitely don't like it here in Southern Illinois, it's so different. I hated California when I first moved there because it absolutely wasn't home and I thought when we left there i'd never ever want to go back, but at times I really do miss it, but then I think about the possibility of it becoming an island and that's kinda scary.

Seven years and plenty of bumps, but you really start to know each other and what to expect from each other, how to steer clear of what you know is going to upset him and how to have him eating out of your hands :) Lol. It is truly a partnership and you really do have control to make it what it shall be. Sometimes I really didn't know if we would make it this far. Most of our dating was long distance over the phone because he got shipped off about 4 months after we started dating and marrying him was the biggest leap of faith for me.

Well, I think this is starting to sound like a counseling book of some sort haha. And at the same time you've gotten to know more about me and my family. Well this has been great and i'm so glad you wrote back. There's a verse in the Bible that says (i'll paraphrase) how you go through sorrows of childbearing, but as soon as you hold your baby, you forget about everything you suffered bringing that little one into the world. Hopefully this gives you comfort even while you're going through labor. You're life is going to the next level and that's a good thing. Take care.