Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dr. Miracle's, My Hair Needs a Miracle..

 When I was younger, and taking better (in a way) care of my hair, it involved a lot of relaxers and ponytails.  I'm sure that most anyone who wears their hair in ponytails often knows of the effects of trying to get the perfect, lay flat ponytail. Your hair really gets thin all around the edges. Been there.

Now that i've gotten older, had children and gone natural, I wear scarves. A lot. Well, way too much. I decided to go natural because I started having scalp issues really young and was concerned that relaxers were no longer the answer for me. The only time I really show my hair is on Sundays for Sunday service. I've really neglected my hair. I've bought less expensive shampoos and conditioners that are not designed for my hair type which is quite coarse, and as a result, I really don't see much growth these days. Especially when weighing in the fact that I have the nerves to try to clip my dead ends. 

I've heard of Dr. Miracle's in the past, and if i'm recalling correctly, my mom had a rinse out conditioner that I tried some time ago. I did like the cooling feeling that it left my scalp with. I finally went out and bought some for myself. I decided that I would try the Leave In Treatment and Conditioner pictured above, and i'd love to reverse the effects of tying on scarves too tightly, so I also picked up their Temple and Nape Gro Balm. 

I have not yet tried out the Leave in Treatment, but I did try the Temple and Nape Balm in my Temple area. It has a pleasant minty scent to it and you immediately feel the cooling effect it has on your scalp. 

While shopping, I also pleasantly discovered that there's a good range of products. I would think everything I need to take care of my hair is covered. The products range from shampoos and conditioners to relaxers and even skin care. I'm looking forward to seeing what these products can do for me!

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