Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still Trying to Get the Hang of This... Again

Just a little heads up. Today I had to go to the ER because i've not been able to keep much of anything down. It's the worst i've had of all of my children. I've lost several pounds, instead of gaining and was just becoming really exhausted after doing much of nothing. The way i've been feeling is the reason i've not been here as much.

Well, I was given a prescription that's supposed to help keep things down. So far it's working. Other side effects include drowsiness and headeache (among some others). These two i've had today so far. I'm hoping the drowsiness is just something related to the lack of being able to keep things down and that once I get myself built up this will pass. I'm also hoping the mild ache on the left side of my head is coincidental. I'd love to be able to share my experience with you all, but just haven't been much up to it.

Besides that, i'm just learning how to be pregnant all over again. It really hit me at an unexpected time. I am definitely keeping prayerful through it. I have more to talk about with my challenges so far, but i'll save these experiences, hopefully for a later post.