Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Episencial. Skincare Designed for Babies and Kids

I was recently introduced to Episencial. Episencial is a three step system that is designed for developing skin of babies and young children. According to their site, I also learned that it is the first and ONLY all natural skin care system designed for children. Episencial products also feature an exclusive skin immune complex to boost the skin's immune functions and help the body ward off illness. These are reasons enough for any mom to absolutely fall in love with these products.

Episencial products are free of harmful chemicals and contain healthy organics. They also care about the environment. Their product packaging is made from recycled materials and they use solar power in their manufacturing process.

I was sent their playful foaming wash along with some other samples and information to share with women with young children in their lives. I was also sent some of my own, but ended up giving most of that away as well. The women with whom I was able to share, mostly from my church, were really excited about taking these products for their own children... and grandchildren and a cousin and  even a great niece.

For more information on these products, check out If you'd like to find out where you can purchase these products, you can use the store locator, or check out the right hand side of the store locator page for online retailers. They also have a Facebook page.

*Disclosure: I received free products as a member of BSM Media. No further compensation has been provided.