Monday, October 4, 2010

What I'm Up To

Starting a new hobby. I'm actually trying to start multiple hobbies. They involve getting crafty and involving the kids.

Growing up, my mom was the most talented person I knew. She would sew, paint, draw, fix things, and make jewelry then she could play the guitar or play songs on the piano.  Matter of fact to this day, I have yet to meet someone who is as talented as she when it comes to crafts. Some of my siblings seem to have gained genetic access to her artistic abilities. Me, well i'm no artist. My mom would encourage us to draw and I remember her encouraging us to use color in our pictures, because that always does wonders and makes your pictures looks so much better. She wanted us girls to learn how to sew, but none of us seemed to take too much interest, so she didn't push.

Now that i'm a mom and getting more settled into this lifestyle, i've developed a desire to at least learn to sew. My husband bought me a Brother sewing machine for my birthday, and I finally got out to getting some fabric. I've started in pillows simple. Though I need work even on that, I have a determined mind to advance. My children were happy with the pillows that I made for them:

Though they're not perfect, I got practice on trying to sew in a straight line. The smallest one was practice, and my hubby put his claim on one of them, but ended up letting my oldest son take it over until I get around to getting the polyester to stuff the remaining two that I have to complete. I even attempted to make them pillow balls (the round thing pictured) but they turned out to be not so spherical. They look a little bit more like stuffed pancakes, but nontheless I had fun making them and enjoy the pleasure my children get of having their own pillows that mommy made.

I really want to make pajamas for my children for the winter. I have learned that fabric can be ridiculously expensive! It's kinda discouraging, because by the time you buy the materials needed to complete a project, you would almost be just as well off to buy the outfit from the store, but there is that great sense of accomplishement on the other hand.

I'm closing this post with a question...Where can I find reasonably priced fabric? Walmart used to have a fabric section, but it seems that they're doing away with them, at least where I live.