Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Action Packed Adventures of Mom Filled Day!

Saturdays are mostly always busy for me, and this one was no exception. We go to church on Sundays, which mean preparations the night before. I decided I would do the unusual and get an early start....Get laundry done, get the kitchen clean, see to the kids cleaning, and even bake a pound cake.

 I had it all planned out and I coulda pat myself on the back because i'd done pretty good. Until around 8:30 or so when my daughter came downstairs with my 2 year old trailing close behind. She informed me that there was poop everywhere. On my bed, a little on the pillow and on little Bubby.

 As I saw him with poop covering one of his feet and one of his hands, I could only imagine the trail he'd left behind. The Lysol wipes that we recently bought came to mind. I got him in the shower and cleaned up, then on to that mess. Threw the bedclothes into the washer and pulled out the Lysol wipes to retrace his tracks.

I know he usually holds on to the railing to get downstairs, so I wiped that down and traced where he'd walked and wiped those areas down as well. I didn't consider the stench that would be left behind, but it was more than obvious. Carrying our bedclothes downstairs had left the horrible smell in the air. I pulled out the Glade air freshener and retraced the crime scene. Now everything is pleasant.

I just a short while ago finished braiding my daughter's hair and now it's just me and this two year old needing to get off to bed right now. A saying I use to hear from my mom resounds in my mind...."A man's job is from sun to sun. A woman's work is never done"