Monday, November 30, 2009

The Thanksgiving Feast that Almost Didn't Happen

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving a few of my family members fell ill. I was included in this few. I'd nonetheless made an attempt to continue to be a teacher and a mother to my children, at least for the last couple of days for that week. The weekend came on around and we'd already made plans for my sister and her children to come over, along with a friend of hers when I got word around Saturday evening that my oldest brother and his family wanted to come along and have my dad over as well. Of course I think this is great. Our first Thanksgiving with my family here since, well Wow I can't even recall the last time we spent a holiday together, but I can tell you that it's been years!

Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve rolls around, and i'm feeling extremely fatigued. I tell my hubby I need to go to the hospital because all I felt like doing was sleeping, although the other symptoms were pretty much gone. He started telling me, "Well we need to just cancel," but I really didn't want to let everyone down; everyone was so looking forward to it. I went ahead to the hospital and the doctor could find nothing. I was sure maybe my iron was low, as i've had issues with this in the past, but he said that my iron levels were normal and I probably just needed to rest after getting whatever that virus was that i'd caught. I'd continued to try to be Superwoman and hold down my fort as in times past, but my body wasn't having it. I considered canceling, but let me tell you i'm so glad I didn't.

I did refuse to stay up trying to cook anything that evening, though. Fortunately someone wanted to help my husband, who's a veteran, with our Thanksgiving Meal, which couldn't have happened at a better time. The food arrived completely done and all I had to do was reheat. My sister got some things prepared the night before and also came over and did more (Major hats off to her!) and also my sister in law did an awesome job (without her we would have had no dressing or macaroni and cheese which are both tradition for my family, along with some other key dishes. My dressing was a mess!) I wanted my other brothers and their family members to stop by too, but i'd informed them just the day of, which was bad planning on my part, but i'll try to be sure and get that right next time.

Well turns out we had an AWESOME day together and i'm glad I didn't let a little illness cause me to cancel. I'm Thankful for my family!