Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dial Kids Body Wash Review and $1000 Sweepstakes Info!!

*I was provided a review sample in exchange for this post. No further compensation was received and the opinions are mine.

One of the first things I did when I received this Dial Body and Hair wash for kids was take a good whiff. Ahh peach. I knew it had to be peach before I read the scent on the label. With a smile, I had a couple of my children who were around smell it as well. One thing we knew from there is that we all agreed that it was pleasant smelling. When I bathed my 1 year old with it, I personally thought it left a nice smell. When he passed by my daughter later in the day, she complimented that his hair smelled good. I proudly remembered that i'd used this Dial Kids body wash during his shower earlier.

Having the experience of showering and bathing children, I know the panic for them and the frustration and anxiety for me when they get soap into their eyes. You warn them not to touch their eyes until the soap is rinsed off, but somehow, someway there are going to come times where either they have an itch that can't wait or they just flat out forget and soapy hand meets eye and the tears start.  Then there are the times where you're shampooing and we know how that goes. Kids don't always keep their heads back far enough or curiosity strikes and they open their eyes at the worst possible time. Tears.

So, beyond smell, I really appreciate that this kid friendly soap from Dial is designed for bathing the body AND washing the hair while being tear free. Plus, plus and plus! There are two separate formulas for different developmental stages; one for ages 2 through 5, and then another for when your child is more independent for ages 6 and up because even at 6, that soap still burns those eyes. Both formulas are hypo-allergenic and less harsh than what's out there for us adults.

$1000 Contest Info
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