Monday, March 11, 2013

Nuby iMonster Snack Keeper Review

This is my new favorite dish to serve up snacks to my toddler. I remember shortly after receiving it to review it, I filled it with cereal on our way out. I believe we were going out on one of our home searches, not knowing how my baby was going be with it. Would he drop it? Would it keep him satisfied and quiet or was this just going to be a temporary fix? He's one of those children who gets bored with sitting in his carseat and will cry mercilessly until he's free, and with none of our older children going along to distract him from boredom the crying tends to start sooner and last longer.

To my surprise, the iMonster Snack Keeper (which around here we simply call it the snack monster) kept him occupied, entertained and quiet until he eventually fell asleep! I like the way it's designed where he just grabs this guy buy the arms to carry it around and sticks his little hands between the perfectly spaced rubbery teeth to have a satisfying snack. 

I first tried out cereal the size of honey comb and they stayed inside really well. This got me to wondering how small I could go. The next cereal I tried out were fruit loop sized. I expected that surely these would fall out, but to my surprise, the iMonster Snack Keeper holds even this size cereal really well. My son gets excited when he sees his little snack monster and perhaps even a little impatient because he knows mom is going to have snacks that he enjoys. I have the pleasure of serving him snacks without worrying about a mess to clean in a BPA free container.

The iMonster Snack Keeper is available at Buy Baby Direct online and also in stores, Burlington Coat Factory,, and

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