Thursday, February 2, 2012

Download Shazam on Your Smartphone and Watch This Video for Your Shot at Winning Two Toyota Camrys This Sunday

I received a email for this contest where you download an app to your mobile smartphone and watch a video on YouTube for a shot at winning two Camrys. One for you and one for a friend. It officially launches and ends Sunday, but you can enter right now!

1. On your mobile Smartphone, open your browser and type in This should take you to the location to download the app for your phone whether it's Android or iOS. Otherwise you could simply search "Shazam" in iTunes or in Android Market.

2. Get a Friend in mind whose name you're going to want to enter.

3. Open the Shazam app and press the logo which will start "listening" for audio, start the video below and hold your phone next to the computer so that it can pick up the video. The app will take you to where you need to register to win.