Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here's To Your Health

Let me first begin by saying that no, I am not the healthiest person. I don't always drink enough water, but that's actually something i've been doing pretty well with lately. All because my husband bought me a nice BPA free water bottle that serves as a reminder just to have it in sight. I could just pat myself on the back. There is a lot more that I don't get right either. Among them being consistently taking daily vitamins, getting the sleep I need, and even, get this, eating right.

It's obviously always best if you can prevent sickness and disease with a healthy lifestyle. This isn't always possible, though, and we can credit our environment and the way our foods are processed among other contributing factors for this.

Even though this is true, I am always intrigued when I find out natural ways to take care of health related issues. I have never been a fan of doctors, doctor office visits, or prescription medications. Especially prescription medications. I have a tendency of trying to find out side effects and the information that you find when reading can be so discouraging. I mean, who wants to sacrifice sanity (I know this is an extreme example) so that they can relieve an allergy because of some prescription medication? If there's a natural way to take care of a problem, i'd rather take that route, or at least get as close to natural as possible.

Yet, there is still some reason I am drawn to this information. Perhaps I was meant to be a doctor. Not a traditional one, but a natural one. And on that let me take a pause and let you know that I am not; and as a disclaimer the information that i'm sharing here is not intended to replace doctor visits, advice, or medications by any means, but just information that i'm hoping anyone who is interested can find useful, and as i'm sharing the things that i'm learning, hopefully i'll be drilling them into my head all while learning something new and exciting. It just makes me feel a little giddy, though, when a family member comes along and says something like their gout is flaring up, and I can turn back and say well try some cherries and back off of the red meat.

I also find information that is shared by others through the social networking sites that i'm involved with and also on Yahoo and even other sites. If it's practical, I hope to share this information as well from time to time.