Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello from Louisiana

It's been long awaited. I've complained about my youngest two boys never meeting their paternal grandmother, known to them as Nooni. Well, they've finally gotten the opportunity at ages 3 and 1. I think she's starting to grow on them. The older two were shy about seeing her again, as they were only ages 2 and almost 11 months the last time they were able to see her. I've enjoyed the food here, though my mother in law has so thoughtfully made it quite less spicy than she usually does for the sake of the kids, who are not accustomed to such. They've also met some cousins whom they'd not met. The time is nearing for us to return home, but I already have a feeling that it'll be bittersweet. We don't intend to go as long between visits though. I almost forgot to mention how much i've enjoyed the much warmer than Chicagoland winter here. We left Chicago in 10 degree weather and have enjoyed so much more the 50 degree weather that the temperature has gotten up to. Of course the majority of my family is north, but I do wish I could rearrange the U.S. so that we wouldn't be so far apart.

As I get ready to close this post, I would like to remind you to stay tuned for some exciting things I have lined up for all of you. I'm really excited about the one from They have a fabulous sale going on right now that you just may want to check out in the meantime!