Friday, January 15, 2010

(Ended) My Desperate Plea for an HP mini 110 (leave a comment for your shot to win too)

To many eyes the video above was just the lovely Dara Torres talking about the HP mini. But this mom of four, wife, homeschooler, blogger saw more. Look again. Look beyond. Dara at the pool, Dara at the gym. That's multi-tasking and let me add with class.

This little pretty comes loaded with Windows 7 and all that it has to offer. And as if that weren't plenty, the computer itself weighs in at just 3.22 lbs and has a full-size keyboard and an 11.6” HD screen.

Obviously I can't carry around our desktop, and while I do have an ipod touch, it's way to small for blogging. This HP would be perfect for me. A perfect fit for my very involved lifestyle. Something dependable with lovely extras that would allow me to easily do what comes almost as a second nature that's suitable for at home and on the go use.

Now for any of you who have followed my blog for about the past 6 months, you've no doubt seen my desperation for a new laptop. Post after post for contest after contest. Complaints about my laptop that I currently have. I mean, right now, I am using someone else's computer because I am still out of town. I could have brought my own, but the operating system on it is acting wacky, sometimes working, other times not. What good is it if it's not dependable, right? Almost useless.

So here, i'll stop just short of begging and give you more info on how you can get a chance to win one for yourself. All you need to do is simply leave a comment on this blog post. 3 will be given away to random commentors on participating blogs.

*Just added in a last ditch effort....S-Sang for it

*By way of disclosure I was not compensated in any way for this post. It is, again, my desperate attempt at winning one and was prompted by this post over at MomBloggersClub.