Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ready to shed the pounds.

I've been thinking about posting this here, and i've decided that the time is right now. Between 2002 and 2008, by the grace of God, i've birthed 4 healthy children into this world, and i've also miscarried once. Along the way, i've picked up more weight than I wanted to. I want to be accountable to myself and declare that it's time for me to shed the extra pounds. I started Monday of this past week, and i'm proud to say that i've been faithful so far to working out in some form and eating earlier in the day as opposed to whatever whenever I feel like it. Though i'm not exactly pleased with the 3 pounds that i've shed so far, i'm not ready to give up and well at least it's something. I realize that I didn't gain this overnight. I realize that it going to be a bit more difficult for me as a woman as opposed to a man but i'm ready for a change.