Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

This is dedicated to you, Baby Boy. Maybe someday when you're all grown up, you'll look back and say, wow that was me. It seems like it took forever for you to reach one year old, two years at least. Right now i'm holding you as I type this. You like eating paper and cardboard and mommy and daddy so often have to stick our fingers into the roof of your mouth to dislodge foreign objects. You daily bring joy to us and our family wouldn't be complete without you. These pictures were taken the morning of your birthday, obviously while you were yet sleeping. You don't like staying under the cover and you sweat quite easily. You just recently started crawling, not yet walking, but definitely showing an interest there. Just lastnight you stood, under mommy's close watch, on the trampoline on your own and voluntarily for about 5 seconds. You gave me a big smile as if to say, look mommy, i'm doing it. I remember when it was time for you to be born. Nanna was so afraid you'd be born on February 29th, but mommy was already overdue, so we let the doctor help things along. Happy Birthday. We love you, Baby Boy.