Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nuby Fish Swoosh

So far, I have to say that the Nuby Fish Swoosh is one of my favorites of the Nuby Bath Toys line. Cute and colorful, it's designed to strengthen hand and eye coordination and develop motor skills, and it's just fun watching baby play with this, attempting to shoot the little fish into the goal.

It comes with three fish that can also be filled with water and used as squirt toys.

I love how it has a string to pull at the bottom, so it doubles as a storage for the fish so that they're there and ready to go when bath time comes around again. I think a couple of my older kids were a little jealous. They insisted on taking baths when they learned that i'd opened and put this up. I'm pretty sure they used their bath time to brush up on their shooting skills.

The Nuby Fish Swoosh is available at

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