Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Time For Kids Big Book of Where

  • Where is the tallest mountain?
  • Where did the Olympics begin?
  • Where is the Petrified Forest?
  • Where are Diamonds found?
  • Where was the hamburger invented?
  • Where does spam go after you delete it?

The Big Book of Where is a new book for kids ages 8-12 that has been added to the Time Home Entertainment Big Book series that answers these questions and so many more. Within it's 192 pages, it answers many questions that kids often ask about the world around them that adults rarely have the answers to.

The Big Book of Where is a really neat book that even I, as a mom, have found to be very informative. From the first question in the first chapter that was answered (Where does your electricity come from), I was intrigued. I could not tell you before reading some of this book for myself, that various fuel types are used to boil water to create steam to ultimately create the electricity in our homes after going through several other steps of course.

The Big Book of Where is a hardcover book divided into chapters. Each chapter covers a different continent. There are also chapters that cover facts regarding the ocean and space. There are 801 facts to be learned. Things are kept interesting with the use of colorful pictures. I think that this makes for a great way to pass the summer and help limit screen time while keeping things fun and interesting.

The Big Book of Where is available at retailers nationwide for the suggested retail price of $19.95.