Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Giveaway: Carmex Hydrating Lotion and Healing Cream

I know that i've reviewed these products before, but they're definitely worth mentioning again and this review also brings another giveaway where one of you will win a set of these great skin care items for yourself.

As you probably noticed, I put a little note on each of these tubes to point out the difference. I'll also be sharing details from the containers to hopefully help you distinguish the difference between the two.

Starting with the Hydrating Lotion from Carmex. It is ideal for everyday use. When trying it out this time, I did take note that it's thinner. I'd compare it to the consistency of yogurt. I also noticed that the medicinal feel of it kicks in rather quickly and seems to be a bit stronger than the cream. It's definitely non-greasy. Now on to the information taken from the container: it's for use anywhere the skin feels dry, daily use will help keep the skin soft and smooth. This hydrating lotion contains healing ingredients Aloe and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize skin. I would describe the smell as a mild sweet smell which is in no way overbearing in case you're concerned about wearing it along with body fragrances such as perfumes or sprays.

The Healing Cream is thicker. I'd compare the consistency to butter that's been sitting out for a little while. It's also designed for everyday use. You have to squeeze the tube a little harder to get it out of the tube and it takes a little longer to rub into your skin. I really like the way it feels on my skin. It just feels protected and like it can stand up against heat and wind damage. It's designed for those areas such as elbows and knees and also hands and feet. You know the ones that suffer most from ashy-ness and dryness. Some other things mentioned on the container are that it has nine healing ingredients that penetrate and help repair your very dry and rough or cracked skin (yup, i'm picturing my feet here, lol). It also says that it's concentrated so you only need a small amount.

If dry skin is a concern of yours or you just need to maintain, both of these products in my opinion would be great to add to your regimen. Look for them in your local Walmart and Walgreens.

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