Monday, March 25, 2013

My Birth Story

This is our newest little guy. Yup, another boy bringing our boy total to 5 and still one lone daughter. He was actually born Friday before last, but i'm just getting around to putting this post up, and i'm so excited to share with you our birth story.

Our little guy was actually due on the 9th of March, but as it's been with me in the past, he wasn't trying to come into this world without mommy getting help by way of an induction. This has been the case with 4 out of our 6 children. 

The Wednesday of the week he was born (Friday), I actually switched my doctor. Not that I didn't like my other doctor; I was actually looking forward to him delivering our baby because he just seemed so positive and upbeat about the child-birth experience, but it so happened that a couple of breakdowns in communication caused things to not work out. I didn't know if this new doctor would accept me, being that I was so far along, but he was kind enough to do so. I took my records in so that I could be considered on this particular Wednesday and was told to watch for a phone call with my answer which could come in later or the following day. 

My hubby and I decided to get some shopping done at a nearby Walmart, and I noticed that the contractions were constantly coming. And somewhat intense to the point I thought labor would kick in on its own. But it didn't. I just knew things were going to pick up that evening after all of those contractions, but as I got more relaxed, so did those contractions. Perhaps if I had the motivation to keep walking, real labor would have kicked in, but I wanted to rest not knowing if the doctor would send me right from his office to labor and delivery when I did receive that call.

The next morning, my hubby called me from work at around 9am and told me that the doctor's office had called and wanted to see me the next hour. I got myself ready and he arrived. When we got to the doctors office I completed the necessary paperwork and was eventually seen. My examination revealed that I was already 4 cm and 50% effaced! Why hadn't labor kicked in? As far as I know, 4 cm means i'm in active labor. I was instructed to head to the hospital for a non-stress test. Aside from being so tired and worried they might suggest induction right then and there, our children were scheduled to head to Chicago because they were a part of a play that our church was putting on. We took a several hour detour home where I sneaked in some more rest and we also dropped our children off at church and finally headed to the hospital. 

When we arrived at the hospital, they were pretty busy and it was quite some time before they got an open room where I could be monitored. When I did get hooked up, the sweet nurse explained to me what the experience would be like at this particular hospital, as i'd never delivered there. When I try to think back to what she was saying, I really can't remember more than her telling me that as a new thing they're doing, they would give me my baby for the first hour of his life for skin to skin time. They won me over right there. If for whatever reason I was unable, dad would take on this responsibility, having to remove his shirt and all. I got a good little chuckle knowing the type of person my hubby is and imagining the awkwardness it would have been for him. I've heard of how important that time is and for the first time in 6 live births, I would have this experience. Fortunately everything was well and we were instructed to come back the next morning for an induction.

I had the hardest time falling asleep, so totally not looking forward to yet another induction. The next morning, I woke with plenty of time to get myself prepared to head in. I just sorta took my time with it until the last few moments. I wanted to pick up breakfast not knowing how long the process would take, and yet didn't want to be late. I'm so glad my hubby insisted we stop for a bite and made me feel not so bad about being late by a few minutes.

We arrived at the hospital and were assigned a room where I was instructed to change into the hospital gown that I would be wearing at least until I delivered. About an hour later I was hooked up to the IV and the pitocin was started. I was hoping I would deliver by 1pm, but things seemed to be moving along so slowly, i'd set my sights on around 5pm. The nurse came back later and increased the pitocin and things got serious. I'd made up my mind that I did not want an epidural, despite saying I wanted one with my last labor and delivery, which never made it then by the way. I'd decided that I would go with whatever meds to just take that edge off of the pain as i'd done with children 1-4. 

I'd taken time to do some research and get my thoughts together on how I wanted to do things this time around. I wondered if it was necessary to wait until 10 centimeters before you can push. With my last child, I had to push, although I was only measuring at 5 cm, and everything worked out just fine. After researching, I decided i'd listen to my body. With each painful contraction, i'd pray, focus, breathe and push just a little against the pain to try to help things move along. I hadn't had a birth experience where my water wasn't broken. There was one time when it broke spontaneously, and the other times it was broken to speed things along. I though it had to be broken. When the nurse performed another check, she told me it'd probably break anytime. I soon felt the need to push. I warned the nurse that I had to push. She checked me with the next contraction and although I was only about 5cm, she said I was about 8 with contractions.

I don't completely remember, but this may have been the point where they left the bed somewhat reclined. It's a position I hate because it seems to make the pain so much worse, but it was really near time for me to push. I insisted I needed to push. I lay in that somewhat reclined position with my legs covered and even though I warned and warned the nurse I had to push, things were moving in what seemed like slow motion and before anyone could stop me I pushed. "I think my water just broke and the baby's head is out" I exclaimed. The cover was removed, and sure enough baby's head was there. I was instructed not to push anymore. I held with all that I could as I lay there panting and they got a doctor who must have been passing by to finish the delivery. I remember hearing the doctor asking my hubby if he was coming over (to cut the cord). My hubby later explained to me that he was sitting there in shock at how rapidly things happened and hearing that the baby's head was out. My doctor made it just a tad too late. He said he didn't expect me to go that fast.

There was a quick initial check to make sure everything was a go for me to enjoy that first hour with my baby. He was handed to me minutes later, not having had a bath and in just a diaper and a hat. I put him inside of my gown and nursed him, surprised at how well he took to my breast with almost no effort. We actually had probably more like an hour and a half together, but I enjoyed every moment of it. We had an extended hospital stay to make sure he wouldn't be affected by GBS which had resurfaced and since they only got to get one dose of antibiotics in before I delivered, whereas they like to get in two. Thank God everything is well and i'm here at home enjoying our newest addition.