Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nuby Step Up Stool Review

One of the first things that resounded in my mind when reading the description of the Nuby Step Up Stool was the fact that I read that it can hold up to 800 (!) pounds. Once we received it, some of the things I noticed was the durability and the thoughtfulness that went into the top and the legs that  have a rubber type material to ensure safety from slipping.

It also has slots for to make it easier for carrying around.

I had no idea that once it arrived, my children were going to absolutely love it. And when I say love, it's that love that you want kids to have for the toys that you put so much thought into when shopping for Christmas or birthdays kinda love. Up the stairs, down the stairs and all in between, they treat it sorta like a new family member. This cute step stool is a way to get something that may be a little out of reach as well as a seat and a balance trainer and a foot rest as i've learned from watching my children along with my own interactions with it. It feels great to know that even I can use it for a boost without wondering if it will support my weight.

My hubby, who was skeptical about it holding up for him, also seemed impressed when he stepped onto it and it supported him. It's a great and useful piece to have around.

The Nuby Step Up Stool is available for purchase online at Buy Baby Direct.

A sample was provided to me to facilitate this review.