Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm Baaaack :D

How is your New Year's going so far? Mine has already had it's ups and downs and i'm expecting and hoping for things to get better. Hopefully all of you are off to a great start that will only get better.

I took an extended break with Christmas and the New Year rolling around and i'm ready to get back. I've not forgotten you all, matter of fact, you're the biggest part of the reason that I feel happy to be returning. I never intended for three weeks to pass. I know i'm behind on selecting winners, so if you entered any of the contests that I had running, keep your eyes on your emails, because I intend to get around to getting some selected very shortly.

With all the happenings, i'm feeling a need to put up at least a couple of posts which will go into details of things that are on my heart. I know that they are controversial topics, but i'd like to express my feelings as well as get feedback on what you all are thinking on these. I'm debating whether or not I should make these thoughts a regular part of my blogging experience here.

I'd also like to get my hubby more involved. I'm planning on getting his tech post up soon, and hopefully someone will find his tips useful and we'll see where things go with that too. He's working and all, and i'm sure he may not get around to creating posts as often as we'd like, but if you can find posts to make technology around your house run a bit smoother, why not?

Then there's our now 16 month old and our baby due this March for which i'd like to share updates and tips AND some things that have been going on concerning myself, my family within my house, as well as extended family that have forced me into research and I want to be able to share some of my findings here and there in hopes of helping someone faced with these same issues.

And of course sticking with the reviews and giveaways when the opportunities arise! Something I look forward to always and hopefully you do to. There are just so many things going on in my life and i'm looking forward to sharing with you all. Thanks so much for sticking around!