Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giveaway: Southern Living Complete Quick & Easy Cookbook

I am one who really enjoys the satisfaction of preparing a home-cooked meal that my family will enjoy, but I have those days where I just do not want to be in the kitchen and the quicker I can get in and out, the better. Then there are those times where, well, there's just not much....time. And this is me as a mom who is home most of the time. Then there are so many other moms who have even more hectic lives that involve going out to work, shopping, taking the kids to various practices and so on (hats off to you from me!) who just don't have much time left in a day because of these demands. Whether you fall into either of these categories, somewhere in between or anywhere surrounding, this cookbook from Southern Living was designed with someone like you in mind.

Some things I personally think that are great about this cookbook are the amount of recipes that are included. Over 600! It's designed for beginners as well as those who are good and experienced in the kitchen. Very early on in the book are tips to help you become more efficient in the kitchen. I'd say one of the things I like most about this cookbook is a checklist which includes items that should always be in one's kitchen in order that you might be able to prepare a delicious meal for those times when you just have more important things to worry about or those last minute surprises.

Another feature that any pressed-for-time cook can appreciate is the "make ahead" icon. Some of the dishes in the book can be partially or completely made ahead of time. The recipes let you know how much time you'll need for this. Then there are the recipes that let you know upfront whether it can be made in 10, 20, 30 minutes or less.

The Southern Living Complete Quick and Easy Cookbook includes over 250 beautiful photographs and contains 416 pages. It is paperback and can be purchased for $24.95 at, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I think it would be perfect for any mom and/or busy or aspiring cook and would make a great gift for Christmas. It is published by Oxmoor House (isbn 978-0-8487-3773-3) and you can find more information on their website.

One of my readers will win a copy.

*A free copy of this cookbook was provided to me for review purposes. Opinions expressed are my own.