Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dreams Do Come True: There's a Way to Save Fruits, Veggies, Leftovers and Money

Fruits and vegetables, as we know, serve a very important purpose in our diets. They provide very much needed vitamins and minerals. They can be expensive and oftentimes end up going bad. I'd say that for me personally, this is often the case because i'll go on a mini fruit buying spree, and since I don't want them all gobbled up at once I refrigerate them and consequently end up losing them because they kinda get buried with everything else or otherwise forgotten. I could just put them into the freezer or even buy frozen, but then they're not readily available and unless i'm planning on making a smoothie, these too often end up in the freezer an excessively long time and many times freezer burnt and thrown out.

I recently learned of, and was sent, what I think of as a breakthrough device that is perfect for someone like myself,  who could use a few more days to be able to get around to using those fruits and veggies. It can also help to extend the life of leftovers. This device is called the Ozonator. I like that it's very reasonably sized and doesn't take up much space in our fridge.

The Ozonator, according to the booklet included in the packaging:

  • Promotes a clean environment. It produces ozone which oxidizes and thereby destroys many harmful germs and bacteria, molds and yeasts that may cause infection or incidents of disease and illnesses that can be transmitted from one family member to another by hand contact on foods, food containers and other hard surfaces inside your refrigerator.
  • Eliminates Odors in your Refrigerator. It eradicates odors in your refrigerator caused by many foods which include leftovers. Reducing these odors can help to prevent the transfer of odors from one food to another, which in turn keeps your refrigerator smelling fresh and clean.
  • Keeps Food Fresher Longer. It delays molding and decay of many foods you buy, which include fruits and vegetables, helping them to retain their freshness and flavor longer. This alone saves you money by protecting foods which normally degrade before you have a chance to use them.
The Ozonator runs on 4 D batteries which need to be replaced every 90-120 days. It should be placed on the top shelf and remains in the refrigerator and should only be removed to replace the batteries, and thereby you're always reaping the benefits. It's available at the very reasonable price of $39.95 and has the potential to save you thousands over time. One last thing I want to share is a video so that you can get an idea of the size and how it works.

The Ozonator is available for purchase at the Ozonator website.
Also check out Ozonator on Facebook.

*While some information was taken from the booklet I received, the opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.