Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Happened When I Threw Caution to the Wind

My baby just turned one just over a month ago. It's usually around this time that I would begin weaning, but weaning came a little sooner than I would have liked this time around.

You see, breastfeeding, in the past, has been my security measure. It would keep my monthly cycle from coming back around for almost that complete year because it's something I do exclusively, meaning I don't use formula as a supplement.

Back around 3-4 months or so ago, when it was still REALLY hot. I noticed I started feeling sick to my stomach (if you hadn't figured out where i'm going up until that last sentence, i'm sure you've figured out what i'm about to announce). I thought and hoped that I was under the weather, because that heat seemed near unbearable, but it just wouldn't go away. I told my husband that we needed to get a pregnancy test.

Turned out we were really expecting. Again. We both sat after finding out the results in disbelief. I'd planned to be more cautious when my cycle kicked back in, because I thought 5 kids would surely be our number. God had other plans for us.

Last week's ultrasound revealed that we're right around five and a half months and due in February to have another boy. Another boy. A-nother b.o.y.. We already have four boys and one daughter. When she found out our last was a boy, she cried.

I'd gotten this feeling over me a couple of nights before our scheduled ultrasound that lowered my hopes for a girl and told her not to get her hopes up. My mom also had a talk with her. She shed a few tears in advance. When I called with the announcement, I asked to speak to her because I didn't want her to hear it first from anyone else. Her voice dropped when she announced to everyone else "it's a boy," but seems that she accepted it. Well on the bright side for her, she should have a LOT of protection.

The ultrasound revealed an active baby and so far things look good. Now we have to work on a name, but with each son it seems to get more and more challenging because I really appreciate names that have positive meanings and not just sound good. For example, before we found out the sex of this baby, we thought we'd go with a K name if it were a girl and we heard of someone's daughter being named Kennedy. We thought this was cute, but after finding the meaning of it was Iron Head, I had a change of heart.

That about sums up where we are right now in life. Things are going ok otherwise and I just wanted to share our news with you. So thanks for reading :).