Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Horrible Experience with ToysRUs.com

I don't talk about how much my hubby likes football, but let me start here by saying that he is the biggest football fan that I personally know. I think he likes the video games nearly as much, and so when he heard the Madden NFL 13 game was being released, it was no surprise to me that he would have to have it. He originally pre-ordered it from Game Stop, which is one of the normal routes that he takes, but when he found out ToysRUs.com had it for around $44.99, which was reasonably lower than what he was about to pay, he had the Game Stop order cancelled. And decided to pre-order with ToysRUs.com.

When he placed the order, for which he used a giftcard that he already had, he noticed that he didn't get a confirmation email. After a little bit, he checked the gift card balance to find that it had been charged for the game amount, minus tax and shipping. Sometime during our wait, I also received an email which had a pretty good in store offer, and let him know about it and we decided we'd just cancel the online order and go to a physical store and take advantage of that offer. After sometime of not receiving a confirmation email, I started putting calls in to Toys R Us. I was told that our card was on an authorization hold. I'd also like to point out that for some odd reason, they were able to locate my hubby's name, but there was no address associated with his name, nor did there seem to be an email address or phone number, which after me giving it to them, they could not locate an order still.

I wasn't satisfied with the answer of the gift card being tied up for an authorization with no order associated, so I called back, and got a different answer from a different rep. So now I have two different answers, and my dissatisfaction begin to build. A third time brought yet another  explanation, so about here i'm feeling like these reps don't know what they're talking about. One of the most annoying things was having to explain the situation over and over again. Couldn't they just associate my complaint with an email address or phone number? I finally asked for a supervisor, and was told that one couldn't be reached and I would receive a call back from one. After not hearing back, I called back in and asked for a supervisor, and after holding for some time, I did get one, who also gave me bad information, which was that the funds should be returned back in 2 business days at the latest. Since it would be a holiday weekend, that meant I would have to wait until Tuesday for the money to be back on our card.

Tuesday came, and when I called in to check the balance, it was still $0. Why were they doing this to me. It really started to feel personal, though I knew it couldn't have been. I did express my frustration and disgust, but never in a rude way, because that's just not my style. I made a couple of posts on Twitter and even tagged Toys R Us on Facebook, hoping that they'd reach out to me with answers, but they never did. I mean, the reps were not rude in any way, but in no way did I appreciate the long wait, varying and undependable answers, and nothing moving forward unless I always took the first step.

The money was finally returned last week Thursday... after more than a week of waiting and again after I initiated a call in to their supervisor line yet again for something to be done. This was THE WORST customer service experience I recall having from a company EVER and I NEVER intend to go through the ToysRUs.com site to place an order. I did hear that the online department and the physical stores are two separate entities, so if I can't find what I want in stores, i'll take my business to someone I can count on.