Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Touch Magic Toys from Leapfrog

These are two new toys from Leapfrog. They're called Touch Magic becuase there are no buttons to actually press, but the surfaces are sensitive to touch, and therefore easy for even young children to play and learn with. They both go through the alphabet song, and then there are some songs that are just there for fun. These LeapFrog Touch Magic Toys are a great way to introduce your children to music.

This little guy here has music in his bones and he really enjoyed playing with these toys. He even played both at once. I definitely see a budding musician. These are great for someone his age because he gets to familiarize himself with the sounds of a keyboard, drums and guitar and get some learning in all at the same time.

The Touch Magic Guitar comes with the strap, which gives it more of a "real thing" feel. It plays 10 different songs which can be with or without a singer and even has touch "buttons" where children can add drums, applause, special sound effects or change between guitar styles. If you strum it slowly, the music is played at a regular tempo, but strum it fast and things speed up.

The Touch Magic Learning Bus goes a little more in depth. It has 3 modes which include learning, game mode, which is kinda like a quiz, and music mode. I like how it gives examples of words that start with each letter to introduce children to phonics. It has a mini keyboard located at the bottom of it with the two wheels serving as drums. These can be played alone or along with the characters on the bus.

These both retail for around $24.99 and can be purchased at and other major retailers.

I'd also like to inform you of a contest where you can shoot some footage of your child with one of LeapFrog's new Touch Magic toys for a shot at one of four $500 prizes. I did try to get through to the contest site several times today unsuccessfully, and so it looks like there are some server issues going on. Hopefully things will be resolved soon, but the contest ends in November which gives plenty of time to get those videos in. For more information, be sure to check out for complete details.

Thanks to BSM Media, MomSelect, MommyParties, LeapFrog for providing these items in exchange for my feedback. The opinions expressed are my own.