Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giveaway: Bellybar- The Way to Enjoy Your Prenatals!

I've heard plenty about women who have a hard time taking prenatals. I've even had this problem on occasion myself, and I really love how Bellybar Prenatals is changing things up. Can you say chewy chocolate? Yum! Before my shipment arrived, my question to myself was if I would only get to have one a day, but come to find out, Bellybar must have thought ahead of me in that, because I get to enjoy two a day. One for prenatal and one for DHA. These are also ideal if you're trying to become pregnant or you're breastfeeding. I have several pictures to share because I want you to see these and some other great products from their lineup, but be sure to make it to the end of this post for an exciting giveaway where you can win a month supply here and info where you can enter to win a nine month supply from Bellybar.


These are the chocolate prenatals. To me they're just the perfect size. One is the actual prenatal vitamin and the other is the DHA supplement. 

Now if chocolate just isn't your thing and you would like fruity instead, or maybe you just want to mix it up sometimes, Bellybar has you covered there too. The prenatals are chewable, and available in cherry and orange flavors. To that you can pair up the chewy orange DHA supplement, which I found quite pleasant tasting. I would have opened it to show a little more detail, but since it's been warm and I didn't store them in a cool enough place, they're a little melty.

Finally, there are the bars that make the perfect snack and are designed to complement the prenatals with additional nutrients such as choline, vitamin D, calcium and iodine. They come in four different flavors which include S'More to Love, Berry Nutty Cravings (pictured), Lemony Lovey and Baby Needs Chocolate. Of the two I tried so far, and they were both delicious, my favorite so far is Baby Needs Chocolate. It had me licking my fingers and waiting for tomorrow to do it over again!

I hadn't previously heard of these products as far as I can recall, but upon using the store locator, I was surprised to find out that they are sold in stores such as Walgreens and Baby's R Us along with some other popular ones. You can check out the store locator here. Their tagline is Raising the Bar on Prenatal Nutrition, and that's exactly what they've done.

Before I get around to my giveaway here, I want to let you know about their giveaway on Facebook, where you can win a 9 month supply of their prenatals! Enough to get you through a pregnancy. All you have to do is like their facebook page and complete their simple one entry rafflecopter giveaway to let them know you do. There will be a total of 9 weekly winners.

Thanks to Bellybar, I will be giving away a one month supply, valued at $25 right here to one of you. You can even gain one entry by entering their facebook giveaway. Maybe you know a mom to be or new mom who'd like to enter? Please feel free to send them this way.. (thanks)

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I received free product in exchange for this review. No further compensation was provided.