Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Nudo Olive Oil Products

As moms, we don't always remember to take time to indulge in things for ourselves. We're often busy looking out for our husbands and children, that we look over our own needs.

I was recently sent an offer to review some products from a company i'd not heard of until receiving this offer, and I would not have accepted it had it not been something I personally feel i'm sure to enjoy. What's headed my way?
 Olive oil, dark chocolate and soap made from olive oil from Nudo. Ooh I just imagine the possibilities, and I imagine it's something I won't feel bad about indulging in. I like to cook in olive oil when I want to add extra health benefits. I've also played around with the idea of making an olive oil based bread dip, and i'm thinking this may be the perfect time to try this out. Who doesn't like chocolate, and i'm thinking olive oil soap is going to leave my skin feeling pretty smooth. I'm looking forward to trying these out, and hopefully i'll find time to post up a video review once I do.

If this sounds ideal, or if you want to check out other gift sets for Mother's Day, just click through to see what's offered.

I thought this was cute too, and wanted to share this from the Nudo site:

She fed you when you whined ‘I don’t liiiike it’, she praised you when your painting was a bit duff, she put plasters on your knee when the wound was barely visible. And now it’s time to say ‘Thanks Mum’ with a bit of Nudo panache. When she opens her gift set, containing a tin of Nudo’s divine extra virgin olive oil to say thanks for all that cooking, a luxurious olive oil soap to say thanks for all that scrubbing and a box of beautiful Italian truffles to say thanks for all the love, she’ll have no doubt that it – you – were worth all the bother.
*I will be provided with a set in exchange for this review. The opinions expressed are my own.