Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Jumpstart is a site designed with children aged 3-12 in mind. Kids can play for free with limitations, or a membership can be purchased for quite reasonable prices.

When a child joins jumpstart, they create a character. From there it's on to exploring worlds and interacting with children. It's designed to be safe because the children don't share any personal information. The names are pre-programmed and chatting is limited with the use of limited phrases that can be selected and used.

My thoughts on Jumpstart. Well, i'm not a fan of dragons at all and I and I keep them away from my children, and that's the only thing that I saw that I personally didn't like about the site. Otherwise, it was a way to keep my children occupied. I like that you can set each of your children up with individual accounts. While I didn't take advantage of this feature, I did learn that if you, as a parent, are on Facebook, you can take advantage of an app that allows you to review and reward your children's activities. I also like that your children can access Mathblaster, which is a fun learning game designed to teach your children math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with pre-algebra.

My boys thoughts:

Again, you can try Jumpstart out for free and see how you like it. Memberships are currently available at discounted rates. A monthly membership is $5.99, yearly is $64.99 and lifetime is $129.99.

*I was provided with a free membership for my children. Some info was taken from the site; otherwise the opinions are those of myself and my boys.