Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Updates

Just wanted to give some more baby milestones. Our little guy is quickly approaching 7 months. It's just amazing to me how time flies! He's a momma's boy. I must admit that it's my fault for carrying him around so much. I'm trying to enjoy his baby-hood, because once it's gone, it's gone.

I recently noticed he's getting two teeth. It was hard to capture it on camera, but I managed.

This was taken some weeks ago, so they're showing even more now. It's made breastfeeding a bit more challenging since he seems to think he has a human teether, but we're making it.

I've also started our little man on cereal.

I'm pretty sure that at his size had many thinking he was a regular foodie already, but in actuality, he'd just been a taster here and there. This one was taken about a couple of weeks ago. Oh and by the way, that was Alicia Silverstone style, because I don't have a problem with using my mouth as a baby food processor here and there.