Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mommy, Is Daddy Sleep?

This is a picture of my precious 3 year old. Remember, he was the baby. And he reigned as baby longer than any of our other children had. He and I had gotten pretty close too. How I spoiled him. Not long ago, my oldest son moved his toddler bed into their room because he wanted him to be with the rest of them, at least for that night. His bed has been there ever since.

It seems he's not quite accepted that abrupt move into the big boy room. It wasn't done with the intention that it would be permanent, but apparently my hubby thinks that it was a good thing.

Lastnight he came to our door. All of his other siblings were asleep. "Mommy is dad deep?" he asked. "Huh?" I said. I don't always understand everything he says. He's been a little on the slower side picking up with speech (but trust me he makes up for it in wittiness). "Mommy is dad deep?" he asked again. I told my husband I think he's saying mommy and daddy, thinking he had something to say to the both of us. When my husband answered, he cried and began to walk away.

"Wait a minute. Come back." I said, feeling heartbroken because he was hurt and I didn't understand why. He opened the door and I asked him again what he was saying. "Is dad deep?" I figured he was saying is dad sleep, and so I asked him if that's what he was saying. "Yes." He was waiting for his dad to fall asleep because he knows that dad's going to send him back to his big boy bed if he's awake. I was so touched by how emotional he'd gotten, and after talking with his dad, we invited him in to stay the night. He gladly came in and greeted "his" baby and talked with me to the best of his ability and put his arm around me. It's still hard letting him grow up.