Thursday, January 26, 2012

January's Cravebox and Tonight's (1/26/12) Cravebox Twitter Party Details

Check out the contents of January's Cravebox in the video above or read about them below. Also there is a Cravebox Twitter Party taking place tonight at 9pm est. Topics discussed will include

  • Healthy Ways to Cook
  • How to Keep Up Your Energy
  • Must Have Beauty Products 
  • And Much More

Prizes will be given out every 10 minutes which will include items from the Cravebox, and you may win a Cravebox for yourself. Check out the SheSpeaks site to RSVP and find out more.

Now back on to the contents. You may remember I shared clues which included:

  • Healthy Way to Cook Your Food
  • Keeping Track Every Step of the Way
  • Must Have Addition to Your Beauty Regimen
  • Extra Boost to Keep You Energetic All Day
  • Stay Informed on How to Keep Healthy
The items I received were Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a 5 ounce size, a S2HSTEP pedometer, Mèreadesso Face and Neck Toning Gel, Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix and a Prevention Magazine + a 1 Year Subscription.

I was just using olive oil lastnight in place of just any other old oil and doing so just made me feel good because i've heard positive things about olive oil in the past, which I will hopefully get around to sharing in one of my health tips posts. 

Yes I do realize I personally do need to walk more, but the cold weather makes it somewhat inconvenient at this time. I mentioned how my husband's job requires lots of walking, so i'm thinking i'll pass it on to him. I think he'd really like to know how many steps he takes daily. I told him that I think i'm starting to see the effect of all the walking he's doing, and I think a pedometer will inspire him to walk a little further. Besides, it happens to be his favorite color, blue. It was also interesting to see that according to the box that you can get rewards. I checked out these rewards and they range from ringtones to giftcards and more. How's that for motivation??

Next is the Mèreadesso Woman face + neck toning gel in a 1.7 oz size. Pretty much enough said right there. I don't know if i'm personally ready to use it, but perhaps I can find someone if I decide that it's not for me.

Emergen-C. This one is a bonus for me. I can totally use this with 5 kids with whom i'm home all day. It's tangerine flavored and is packed with 24 nutrients and 7 B vitamins. Designed to give me energy . Yes!

Lastly there's the Prevention magazine. At first I thought it was only the magazine in the box, but found out I scored again because i'm getting a years' worth.

It is my understanding that Cravebox opened a few more spots which were filled randomly from those already on the waiting list. If you want in, you can sign up here to be notified when more spots become open.