Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So What Was in My Cravebox?

I just wanted to share with you the contents of my Cravebox which are pictured here. The contents included:

Méreadesso which is a lotion that smells minty and citrusy. In my house among the women here, the thoughts of it are mixed. My sister doesn't care for the smell of it. My mom and I both like it. I really like the way it feels on my skin once it's applied. Smooth and ready for cold weather. I checked on the price on this one and it comes in at a hefty $54! I wouldn't pay this for lotion personally, but it felt good to be able to indulge on something expensive without having paid near full price for a change :).

Bic Gel Pens for Her there are two in the pack and they have accents of sophisticated femininity. Comfortable to hold, but when it comes to writing with them, as other gel pens that i've tried in the past, they have an occasional miss when you're writing with them and you have to go back and make minor corrections, no big deal though, unless you're an absolute perfectionist. I couldn't find the price on this particular pack, but i'll assume it around $5.

Bic Ball Pens for Her also come two in a pack. Now these are all out feminine from the barrel to the tip. The writing is fine coming in at 1.0 mm and perfect if you're having an "I wanna write elegantly" moment. It is also ergonomically designed with a grip and the writing is smooth and fluid. I found these for around $4.99.

Nic's Sticks This was my first time trying one of these out and I must say that I appreciate the design and convenience that these offer. Pump, brush and move along. I would have appreciated, though, if it dried better. I went to prepare dinner around 30 minutes or so later and when I sat back down and took a look at my nails, I noticed that a good bit of it was peeling off. It looks like these run around $6.50.

Perugina Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bar. I can't offer an opinion on this other than it made a gift I hope my brother enjoyed. It was his birthday and I know that he likes dark chocolate, and so I slapped a Christmas bow on it and passed it over to him. He was happy to get it. These normally retail for $2.29, but are currently on sale for $1.75 on their website.

Perugina Baci for which I also can not offer an opinion, because I handed these on to my mom, knowing how much she used to like another brand of chocolate covered hazelnuts. These were in a mini pack of two and retail for $1.99.

Just as was stated, I did not have to pay shipping (Yaay!) and I received all of these items. I can't say that they absolutely WOWed me, but I have no complaints otherwise. The value was way more than the $10 that I payed, more like a $75 value rounded and not including tax. I was able to gift one for a birthday, and use one as a "just because" sorta thing.

I guess this is going to be the standard, with a slight switch up. As per the Cravebox FAQ's each month's products will be largely the same, but the colors and flavors may vary from month to month. I plan to stick around for at least another couple of months to see what else is in store, and so that I can decide if i'm in for the long haul.