Thursday, November 10, 2011

Messy Moment? Who? Me?

With five children, these moments are inevitable. Yeah, I get the whole breast-milk accident thing. This is usually after it's processed through one of two ends of the baby's body, though. There has been no getting around blow-outs. If there's a mom who survived the diaper years without having a blow-out, i'd like to know her secret. Seriously, my newborn has me feeling quite like an amateur. He's gotten me more times than I can count and he just made six weeks.

Then there's the whole growing up I-don't-need-your-help-anymore toddler stage. Add to this stage potty training. Been there. Done that. Doing that and I have this road ahead of me to do all over again. This whole road to independence thing can really work a nerve.

Finally, there are those days where things are just too good to be true. Well not exactly, but, you know, those days where the least expected thing happens when you're least expecting it. You know, the lovely day with the sun shining and you decide you're going to walk to church on a Sunday morning?

Dressed up in my Sunday dressy clothes I was walking to church and I had a moment that up until then I can't recall having ever. Matter of fact, it's the type of moment that you would see on television, and probably haven't seen in real life. Well anyways, I walked under a tree, or maybe I could have been out just under the clear blue sky. Whatever moment it was, a bird decided it would relieve itself just at the moment we were aligned with each other. This was probably the grossest thing EVER to happen to me.

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