Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Better Thanksgiving Day and Turkey #Giveaway #bglu

Thanksgiving Dinner Plate 2
The most enjoyable thing for me when it comes to Thanksgiving is getting to see my family that I grew up with together under one roof again. There are 8 of us kids, and between distance and having our own families and responsibilities, there just aren't many other times during the year that we are able to do so.

The obvious next thing is having good food which includes a nice spread of main dish choices, sides and deserts. Growing up, this was the responsibility of us girls and my mom. We may not have appreciated the work we put in so much then, but those are days we reflect on now as adults; the time we spent together in the kitchen, the late nights, chit-chatting while waiting for everything to get done, the sweet and savory scents that filled the house and finally the payoff of enjoying the benefits of our labor when everyone would come together.

The only thing that really presents an issue with me is the planning and preparation, which I usually fail to do early enough in advance. I mean all of the food from year to year is pretty much the same, but there's always wanting to make sure everything is just right. I usually end up waiting until the kids are in bed before getting a good start, which means I end up being up really late and not wanting to get up the next morning which means we're sure to eat later than everyone would prefer.

Thankfully Butterball understands that sometimes we can use a hand when it comes to preparing for the big day that Thanksgiving is to so many. I was recently on the Butterball site and was pleased to find out the proper way to stuff a turkey. I also enjoyed seeing a video in which I learned a much neater way of carving a turkey. If you're wondering what to serve up alongside your turkey, they have recipes and they even have a help line (1-800-BUTTERBALL) where you can talk to an expert who will offer advice on making your holiday celebration even better!

Butterball is also providing two of my readers with a turkey (coupon good for a turkey up to $15)