Monday, October 31, 2011

LeapFrog Learn, Create, Share Party

As a lover of LeapFrog products, I was excited to get to host a LeapFrog Learn, Create, Share party. Hosting brought me the opportunity to meet and introduce a new product from the LeapFrog family, the LeapPad and also to present another product that we're already familiar with, which is the LeapFrog Tag Reading System. Matter of fact the only thing that would have even caused me to think twice was choosing which of my children would get to be the owner of this new LeapPad learning tablet, because I already knew they were going to flip out over it too!

The LeapPad is designed to be like a tablet. It has a nice screen size, at least twice the size of the Leapster Explorer. As a current owner of the Leapster Explorer, I really appreciate the fact that the cartridges that we already have are compatible. It has a camera which allows for photos and video recording. Your kids will have fun snapping and adding their own touch to photos. The LeapPad comes preloaded with a Pet Writing App, Story Studio App and also an Art Studio App. You also get a free app download when you install the connect application and complete the registration.

I also have a new found appreciation for the LeapFrog Tag Reading system as we got a hold of some new accessories including the map pictured here, and some new books to add to our collection. The Tag Reading system uses a pen-like device, which when scrolled across specially designed books, it reads. It helps children to break down words and helps expand their vocabulary. It's also interactive with the pictures in those books as well. I like the challenges that are included which makes a game out of learning and thereby makes learning fun for my children.

LeapFrog continues to provide just the kind of learning that I appreciate as a parent. I do wish they were around when I was a kid, but i'm so glad that they're around for my children. The LeapPad and Tag Reading System help children to learn in a fun way, and also allow them to enjoy being creative, which to me is just a perfect balance. Leapfrog products have proven time and again that learning doesn't have to be boring. They're perfect tools to get your children away from the television and traditional video games. I feel much better knowing that something positive comes from my children having fun.

*I was provided with a LeapPad and also a Tag Reading System along with accessories to host a party and facilitate this review. No further compensation has been provided.