Monday, October 24, 2011

How Everyone is Adjusting to Baby

As I sit here and go back in my mind to 2002 when I had my oldest son, I don't think anyone could have told me and convinced me that I would have five children today. I probably would have snickered a little while thinking to myself "yeah right," but here we are. It's a little insane to me that now when someone asks me how many are there now, I almost have to count. I even had to verify with my husband one time that I was giving the correct number. It's that surreal.

Well, this post is dedicated to letting everyone know how my older children are taking to having a new baby brother...

First i'd like to start with my retired baby. In this post I talked about how he'd been my baby for so long. Longer than any of my other children. I didn't know how he'd take losing his reign as baby of the house. Well the picture you see here of him kissing the baby, that's how he is. Always kissing him. I think he's proud to be a big brother. I even get extra kisses, though mine are becoming less frequent. He's gone on to resume his position as ninja.

Next is our middle man...

He loves the baby. He doesn't give the baby a whole lot of attention, because as a 5 year old, he's usually in his own little world doing his own thing. He does occasionally want to hold the baby, which doesn't have to be for too long as long as he gets to hold him.

And my oldest son:

Can anyone say second dad? My mom and sister were telling me today that when they take the baby to kinda help me out and let me have a few moments to myself, my oldest follows them and tries to take him from them. Those who have given their opinion of who they think the baby looks most like say that he most favors my oldest, so maybe that has something to do with it all. He says that the baby is his best friend and he's the baby's best friend. He is very helpful, though, and any mom can appreciate having a lot of help when it comes to a new baby.

I saved my daughter for last..

She wanted a sister so badly, and we wanted one for her. It was so bad that she bawled when she heard the ultrasound results that determined we were having another boy. I felt bad for her, but I realize God has a plan and something's going to come of this that we just don't understand as of yet. She loves her little brother dearly and i'm sure she wouldn't trade him for the world. She talks baby talk to him like she has some kind of prior experience and she's just an awesome big sister.

I really appreciate all of the help they've all been. Grabbing diapers and whatever else they can do. I thought things would get overwhelming because I just knew everyone would want to hold him all of the time, but I was patient with them and they've gotten used to the new baby. Things have balanced out better than i'd expected.

And finally, here's a fresh picture of our littlest guy: