Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upload a Video for Your Chance at $5k

I wish I had gotten this post up sooner, but I honestly thought that there was more time (which is also why i've not yet entered, but I still want to try). This contest ends this Friday, June 17 and it gives you a shot at winning $5000. Keep reading for details.

These are the new D'Noir Prunes from Sunsweet. When you think prunes, you probably think yeah, yeah they're just prunes. Well, while I did receive a kit to create a video entry for this contest, I don't recall being asked to share my opinion, but these are different and I just wanted to take this moment to share my thoughts of these D'Noir prunes with you. First of all, they're preservative free. When I opened the bag and looked in, they just look fresher than other prunes that you find pre-packaged. Then the scent of freshness hit me and the next obvious thing to do was to take one and eat it.. well make that two. I was absolutely impressed and honestly think that these are the best prunes I have ever tasted!

Ok, I said a few moments, so on to this contest. All you need to do is create a video 10MB or less and go to the Sunsweet Facebook app (be sure to like their page) and submit your entry. The video has to be either of you trying out these new prunes for yourself or daring someone else to try them. Only certain formats are allowed, and the Sunsweet D'Noir prunes must be included in the video. Full official rules can be found by clicking here. The person with the most likes wins the contest.

While on their site, I also found a coupon that i'd like to share if you want to buy these to include in your video, or you otherwise just want to try them to see what i'm talking about. The coupon can be found if you click here.

Well, good luck and hopefully we'll see each other's entries there.

*Disclosure: Again a free kit was provided in order that I might submit a video if I wanted to. No further compensation has been received and the opinions expressed are my own.