Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Just wanted to give a little update with what's going on these days. First let me start by saying that at my last doctor's appointment, I asked when another ultrasound would be done. I was told that it wouldn't. The only time they do a second ultrasound is if there's a medical reason, so for now this baby is a surprise. We're hoping we can find somewhere that will do an ultrasound at a price that would be reasonable.

Night before last I was able to see little movements from the baby. It's becoming more active and 2 of my children got to feel the little kicks that this little one is doing in there. I still get pretty sleepy, and still mostly fighting sleeping because of the desire to stay awake during the day, but there are the times where I do cave in. Otherwise things are pretty normal around here... whatever that is.