Thursday, January 6, 2011

So How Would You Solve It?

My kids have this naught little habit of leaving their lights on. I mean even in broad day light when all then need to do is open a curtain. I'm CONSTANTLY going behind them turning them off. It's gotten to the point at times where I could go upstairs, turn their lights off, go to the bathroom, come out and the lights are back on again with their rooms void of anyone within a couple minutes time.

I've come up with this new punishment (as of yesterday) that from now on, if anyone leaves their lights on, they have to go to their room for 10 minutes and keep the lights off. No playing with toys or having any sort of fun, because I really want to get through to them. I mean it's bad enough we have to put our heater up so high to heat this place and with the days shorter, there is a need to turn lights on earlier and we all know what that does to our bills.

I was contemplating changing this new rule up and making them go to bed 10 minutes earlier for each time, but I think they'll be more tired of constantly having to go up to their rooms. Well anyway, so far it seems to have done some good today. Do you think this was a good approach? Do you have this problem with your kids? How did you solve it?