Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kinoko AHCC Immune Booster and a Giveaway

This is one of those products that it's a little difficult to give a thorough and heartfelt review on. I say this because it's one of those things where you have to be experiencing a certain thing to be able to test it to give an honest review. I am sharing it with you, though, as the results from studies look very promising.

This product is call Kinoko AHCC and it is a mushroom based superfood designed to support your immune health. It is said to be one of the world's most researched immune supplements shown to strengthen a weakened immune system. It is also said to be extremely safe with no significant adverse effects noted after 20 years of clinical use.

Kinoko is a supplement that can be taken daily, and when your body is fighting an infection or other health condition, you up your dosage for added immune response. If you've gotten or plan to get a flu shot, AHCC has been clinically shown to enhance the efficacy of the flu vaccine.

Kinoko AHCC can be purchased at independent health food stores, the Vitamin Shoppe, at select Whole Food stores as well as online. You can find out more about the benefits and study results by visiting the AHCC Research Association website.

Win It:
One of you will win a Bottle of Kinoko AHCC to try out for yourself

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This giveaway will end 1/20 after which a winner will be randomly selected
*Disclosure: I received a free bottle in exchange for this post. The information shared has been taken from a fact sheet that I received. The opinions expressed are my own and no further compensation has been received.