Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stock Up, Restock, Be Prepared #PedialyteSingles

We women have a knack of keeping certain things around. Maybe it's because instinctively we know that moments will arise when those certain things will need to be put to good use. Things such as flour and eggs and certain spices. We realize that we need to be prepared and just to expect the unexpected. We also tend to keep pain relievers around, for ourselves and for our children because there is no way to foretell when we or our children will fall ill. 

As moms, we know that it can be difficult to get our children to get the proper dietary needs when they're not feeling well. Even if you can't get your child to eat right, it is very important to make sure your child stays hydrated. Pedialyte has created singles, making things a little bit easier for us to nurture our little ones during these times. They come in juice box type boxes which are very appealing to little ones and they're the perfect size for their little hands. They have a very good shelf life and with these, there's no need to worry about making sure they're disposed of within a certain time frame after being opened. This is a great reason to stock up and one less thing you'll have to worry about when your child isn't feeling well.

Learn more about how Pedialyte Singles in the Tetra packaging helps with dehydration due to cold and flu and download fun activities to keep on hand for those times when your child is at home sick. Please talk to your doctor before using Pedialyte. Pedialyte is to be used under medical supervision. I was selected for this product review by Collective Bias. All opinions are mine and were not influenced by any third party.

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